Chris’ Kitchen

In 2010 Chris' Kitchen became a concept that will allow our artisan spice blends and hot sauces to open your
eyes, hearts and mouths to Simple, Fresh and Delicious foods and concepts that you can share with the ones
you love.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide you a gluten free product. Whenever possible our spice blends
start with toasted seeds and dried chili peppers that are ground before bottling to ensure a bold, long lasting
flavor that the entire family can enjoy.
The very first memory I have of cooking happened at a very young age.
I thought I would surprise my parents with something simple like eggs
and toast. I am sorry to say that although I had the passion and
excitement, my inexperience showed in the execution. It wasn't long
before I made the decision to begin my culinary career and at the age
of fourteen my very first job was in a restaurant. Culinary school was
soon to follow.
Chef Chris K

I worked in the restaurant business for
nearly eleven years, jumping from this
kitchen to that kitchen. I would learn
what I could and then find a different
position for more money and a different
experience.  One day opportunity
knocked on the door to manage a
restaurant and after years of nights,
weekends, holidays and 85 hour work weeks, I took it. Managing wasn’t any different than being in the
kitchen and I eventually burnt out and thought I was done with cooking…. I had lost my passion.

After a brief hiatus I realized that I never lost the passion, and that preparing meals for the ones you love
comes from the heart. The best way to show how much you care is to make food that is Simple, Fresh and
Delicious. With that Chris’ Kitchen was born.